PIER Cambridge 2021: Registration & Programme


Registration is now closed, and zoom links have been sent out. If you were expecting to receive a link but haven’t, please get in touch with us at pier.cam2021@gmail.com.


All timings are British Summer Time (UTC +1). Page numbers refer to the abstract booklet, which you can find below.

Friday 1st October

9.00-10.00Keynote. Beyond Hittite: Anatolian in Proto-Indo-European reconstruction todayElisabeth Rieken
10:15 – 10:45The Sounds of Serpents and Serpent-Killers in Indo-European and North West Semitic
(p. 1)
Ola WikanderDalia Pratali Maffei
10:45 – 11: 15Indo-Iranian laryngeal(s) in Proto-Uralic
(p. 4)
Sampsa Holopainen
11:15 – 11:30Break
11:30 – 12:00What could the Indo-Europeans compare with? The status of PIE comparative adjectives
Rafał Szeptyński & Marek MajerDalia Pratali Maffei
12:00 – 12: 30Comparative adverbs and deadverbial comparatives in Greek and beyond
Lukas Kahl
12:30 – 13:30Lunch
13:30 – 14:00Reconstructing the Proto-Indo-European subjunctive: New perspectives from the Celtic data (p.10)Mark DarlingEdoardo Chiattelli
14:00 – 14:30‘Narten’ presents as characterised formations: the case of *weḱ– ‘to wish’ and *ḱerh₃– ‘to feed’
(p. 12)
Dario Colajanni
14:30 – 15.00A diachronic pragmatic approach to the development of the IE injunctive and augment
Ian Hollenbaugh
15:00 – 15:30Break
15:30 – 16.00Reconstructing Proto-Indo-European word order: a treebank-based quantitative study
Erica Biagetti, Guglielmo Inglese, Chiara Zanchi, Silvia Luraghi & Maria MolinaAgnes Vendel
16.00 – 16:30On verb initial sentences in PIE
(p. 19)
Virna Fagiolo & Simone Gentile
16.30- 17.00‘Leading us the way’: on constructionalization of (late) Western PIE expansion
Juan Vázquez-González

Saturday 2nd October

9.00-10.00Keynote. Structure or Chaos: syntactic reconstruction and Proto-Indo-EuropeanEugenio Luján
10.15-10.45A note on another source of root-extension in IE. The “deep” morphology in OCS adv. skvozĕ ‘through’ and related cases
Katja AckermannKrishnan Ram-Prasad
10.45-11.15‘Balkan Indo-European’: between dialectology, typology and the linguistic reconstruction
Wojciech Sowa
11.30-12.00Isomorphic co-expression of modification and possession in Proto-Indo-European: One origin of nominal -s- and -t- stems
Roland PoothKrishnan Ram-Prasad
12.00-12.30Reconstructing PIE ‘6’
Zachary Rothstein-Dowden
13.30-14.00The outcomes of PIE *h₂ and *h₃ in Anatolian and the consequences for their phonetic value in Proto-Indo-European: A reassessment
Alwin KloekhorstMark Darling
14.00-14.30Explaining Root Restrictions of PIE
David White
14.30-15.00Did Proto-Indo-European have initial *r?
Michele Bianconi
15.30-16.00Back to the etymology of Vedic sá
Verónica OrquedaEdoardo Chiattelli & Krishnan Ram-Prasad
16.00-16.30Spatial Frames of Reference in Old Latin
Annamaria Bartolotta
16.30-17.00Prospects of computational internal reconstruction: machine learning and phonological predictability
Frederik Hartmann